Hua Hin Jazz Festival Hua Hin Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Hua Hin Jazz Festival Hua Hin

Hua Hin Jazz Festival Hua Hin Thailand Travel GuideThe Hua Hin Jazz festival will be held on the weekend of June 21-23, and locals and visitors can look forward to some fine music being played on seven stages along the beach. The festival will feature 12 Thai jazz bands including Tewan Novel Jazz, T-Bone, Bangkok International Big Band, Bangkok Connection, Mahidol University Band, Niran Jazz and more. On Saturday (June 23) an outdoor stage in the town centre will feature contemporary dance performances. The festival is being sponsored by the Hua Hin Hotelier’s Club, Volvo and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. For details, call 032-571005 or 471502.

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Closer to Nature Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide

Closer to Nature Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide Samoeng is just 45 minutes drive from Chiang Mai city. Overnight stop is recommended for motorists driving there because the route can be taxing. There are dozens of resorts along the route. Since it's the height of summer, hang nok yoong or flame of the forest trees burst in fiery orange and red, dabbing the lush landscape of Samoeng. This is one of the most scenic roads in Chiang Mai that snakes through valleys threaded by natural attractions that are regularly visited by tourists. A string of country houses with wood-scaled roof and chimney elegantly embrace a small stream that runs through the resort area thick with green foliage. At the main brown building that afternoon I met Thapakorn Chonrungsakul, the general manager of Belle Villa Resort. As we sat on the terrace of the building overlooking hills and flowering gardens that were in full bloom, he disclosed to me the resort's vital statistics.

The Guilin of Thailand Surat Thani Thailand Travel Guide

The Guilin of Thailand Surat Thani Thailand Travel Guide Khao Sok National Park in Surat Thani that is famous for its lakes, mountains and breathtaking natural scenery that I had wanted to see for so long but never quite got the chance. I looked forward to a dose of fresh air and the prospect of kayaking in Chieo Lan Lake, a gigantic man-made reservoir created to store water and generate electricity. The dam is part of the national park straddling 461,712 rai of expansive forest land and mountains that is home to wildlife including elephant, gaur, serow, tiger, bear and more than 175 species of birds. The most common of the birds seen at the park are the black, bushy-crested and wreathed hornbills. The park is a natural habitat for the world's biggest flower, Rafflesia kerri (Bua Phut). 16 species of Rafflesia are found there. The giant bloom has yellow chestnut and white warts on perigone lobes. The size of the flower ranges from 70-80cm in diametre when in full bloom, that lasts just three to four days. The blooming season is between January to May.