The Illuminateed Mekong Nakhon Phanom Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide The Illuminateed Mekong Nakhon Phanom

The Illuminateed Mekong Nakhon Phanom Thailand Travel Guide The magical illuminated nights of Nakhon Phanom are once-a-year occasions, when elaborately adorned boats carrying offerings drift along the Mekong River as night falls to mark the end of Ok Phansa (Buddhist Lent). From the shore, participants watch large barges lit by thousands of lights in different creative designs that depict Thai scenes and mythology. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has this year invited Laotian boats to join in the festival, celebrating the unity between the people of the two countries. During the days, colourful street processions and cultural performances add to the fun. Nakhon Phanom gets festive from October 5 to 11. For more details, call (042) 513 490-1 or fax (042) 513 492.

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Wax castles for Lent Thailand Travel Guide

Wax castles for Lent Thailand Travel Guide Visitors to Sakon Nakhon may not be able to take part in moulding wax temples for this week’s festivities that mark the end of Buddhist Lent, but there is still much to do and see. Events to look out for are the boat races held at the town’s Suan Somdet Park on Tuesday and the wax castle contest on Wednesday, as well as a light and sound presentation relating the history of this remote Northeastern town. The highlight is the stunning wax castle procession, with townspeople carrying the miniature castles usually presented to the province’s Phra Maha That relic as a tribute to the Lord Buddha at the end of Lent, which runs until Friday. Local artisans mould the castles out of wax and banana husks in order to gain merit. Also don’t miss the traditional Northeastern cultural performances among the other festivities on stage. For more details, contact Sakon Nakhon Municipality on (042) 714 374 or 713 281.

Uthai Thani’s Merit on the Hill Uthai Thani Thailand Travel Guide

Uthai Thani’s Merit on the Hill Uthai Thani Thailand Travel Guide Sankat Rattana Khiri Temple in Uthai Thani will welcome a large number of devoted Buddhists at dawn on October 11, which is the first day of the waning of the moon in the eleventh lunar month, which is more commonly known as Ok Phansa. Hundreds of monks will proceed down the steps from the hilltop temple, where Buddhists await to offer food to them. It’s considered one of the most magnificent settings for the traditional Tak Batr Devo ritual in the country. Only here can you see the monks descending from the hilltop temple in a grandiose procession. This event in Uthai Thani is said to imitate the return of Buddha from heaven. For more details, contact TAT Central Office-Region 7 at (036) 422 768-9 or 424 089.